Custom Exterior
Cladding & Metal Work

If you have windows and doors that have old, beat up wood trims, cladding them with metal can make a huge difference. Some people call this work ‘metal flashing’ or ‘window flashing’ but in the industry, it is known as cladding. Cladding with metal can also be done around architectural features such as beams and posts so you don’t have to keep repainting the wood.

It is important to remember that materials will expand and contract during temperature changes. In Calgary, this is a major concern due to rapid temperature fluctuations such as those brought by Chinooks. If you’re having someone do custom exterior cladding and metal work, make sure they are taking expansion and contraction into account when measuring the materials.

Benefits of Custom Cladding

Cladding your window and door trims with metal eliminates the need for maintenance, which few of us have time for anymore. It replaces painting—forever. Cladding can be done on any size or shape of window or door as well as around beams and posts.

The metal comes in various colours and can be customized to your home. Typically, either steel or aluminum will be used to give your home a fresh look and free you from repainting.

Note About Flashing

Many people look for window flashing or metal flashing when they really want to have their old window trim clad with metal so it looks great again. Flashing is actually part of the water shedding system. The point of roof flashing, door and window flashing, and chimney flashing is to move water off the building envelope to prevent damage from water, ice, and snow.

The most important aspect of flashing is what you can’t see behind the windows and doors. The flashing allows the water to escape so it doesn’t get stuck and cause rot and mold.

The new Alberta Building Code requires flashing at every horizontal material change so that water can escape at many intersections. There are multiple escape points on any particular wall so more flashing should be installed when renovating your home’s exterior.


Free Yourself

You’ve spent way too much time on a ladder repainting wood trim. Now is the time to free yourself forever! Give us a call to discuss replacing your door and window trim with no-maintenance metal cladding.