Calgary Cedar/Wood Siding:
Shakes, Shingles

The use of cedar and wood siding has declined as alternatives giving the same appearance have come on the market. But some people just love wood and no other product can mimic the smell and feel of natural wood siding.

Using cedar or another type of wood on the exterior of your home is going to mean maintenance in the future. Cedar siding, for example, may need to undergo maintenance every five to 10 years.

Benefits of Cedar / Wood Siding

The biggest benefit you’ll get when going with this type of siding is that your siding will look, feel, and smell like wood. This can be very important to some people and can look really good, especially if your home is surrounded by trees.

Wood is a natural, renewable resource that is durable enough to provide a long-lasting cladding. Nothing could be more sustainable, so it’s an excellent choice for those who value the environment.

Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is a very popular choice among wood lovers. Some people like staining it to bring out the colour, while others prefer to let it weather to a silvery colour. There are various options for cedar, including western red cedar, blond cedar, smooth and clear, and knotty and rough. A knotty, rough finish is the least expensive type.

Then there are options in appearance. You can have shake siding, which is the same as shingle siding and looks like square shingles. You can have bevel (lap) cedar siding, skirl siding, board and batten siding, or tongue and groove siding that comes in a V-joint or flat joint. They’re all different looks you can explore to see what’s right for you. These styles can be achieved with other types of wood as well.

Other Wood Siding

Cedar is a fairly expensive wood and, because it’s a west coast species, it likes moisture. Calgary’s dry climate means more maintenance. Fir and pine can make excellent alternatives as they are local to the area and can be less expensive, although the price of raw materials can fluctuate.

It’s always advisable to stain wood siding instead of painting.