Exterior Architectural Metal Wall Panels: AL13 & EasyTrim® Reveals

Exterior architectural wall panels are commonly used for commercial properties but also a great option for residential exteriors. We use AL13 and EasyTrim® Reveals to achieve a very clean, contemporary appearance with the durability to stand up to Calgary’s unique climate.

AL13 Exterior Wall Panels

The advantage of AL13 is that you can cut the panels on site. Because of their design, the panels are able to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. They’ve also been engineered to facilitate the removal of any moisture that gets behind cladding, helping protect the building envelope.

Another thing we love about AL13 is that the panels come in 31 colours as well as a variety of metallic finishes and wood finishes. You really can achieve a wide variety of looks with this exterior wall panel system.

EasyTrim® Reveals

EasyTrim® is an aluminum reveals trim system. It works with most kinds of panel or siding and gives your home a modern appearance while offering the advantages of being non-combustible and resistant to hail and rot.

EasyTrim® Reveals trim profiles come in 10′ lengths and are made from ultra-durable 6063-T5 aluminum.  Finishes and colours include clear silver anodized, black anodized, primed for painting on site, and any custom colour, giving you a lot of flexibility.

As building envelope experts, we like that EasyTrim® Reveals have been engineered to help with water management. Some water is always going to get beneath the siding you choose, so going with a reveals trim system that helps ensure that water can drain out is a smart choice.

EasyTrim® is used with AL13 to create features that catch the eye and give a home character. You can also use EasyTrim® with Hardie board panels and Hardie plank siding to do your home’s entire exterior for a high-end, contemporary appearance.

The Experience and Knowledge You Need

Considering AL13 wall panels or HardiePanel® and EasyTrim® on your whole home exterior? We can help. We understand the ins and outs of wall panel systems and can guide you through the decision-making process. Our experienced installers will ensure you get the look you want while protecting your building envelope so your home gives you joy for years to come.