Calgary Eavestroughs (Gutters), Soffit & Fascia: Installation & Repair

Eavestroughs, soffit, and fascia installation are often part of an exterior renovation. Whether you have leaky eavestroughs and missing soffit and fascia or want to replace everything with more modern products for a trendier look, we can help. We can create custom soffit and fascia from high-end materials such as cedar, Longboard® or LUX Panel for a truly unique look. We can also repair your existing wood soffit and sand and re-stain it for a fresh new appearance.

Eavestroughs (gutters), soffit, and fascia are some of the finishing touches to your home. There are various colours and materials to choose from to give you the look you want.

Eavestrough Installation

While soffit and fascia are part of the finishing touches of your home, the eavestroughs are a major part of your water shedding system. They are necessary to keep water from getting into your basement, as they move the majority of the water away from the structure. Installing new eavestroughs will not only give your home a new look, it will also ensure you have up-to-date product installed using current best practices.

Today’s eavestroughs look and function better than those on your home right now. They can be larger so they can handle more water, a critical factor with the downpours Calgary has seen in recent years.

When we install your new eavestroughs, we will slope the eaves correctly for water to flow to the downpipes.  We also custom mitre and caulk all corners to get a clean appearance and tighter seal.  To lock the downpipes into place, we drill precision holes into the outside wall of the house and anchor the pipes in place.

Eavestrough Repair

If your eavestrough system is working correctly, it will channel water away from your home so it doesn’t leak into the foundation. If your basement has flooded, it may be time to get your eavestroughs looked at and perhaps your gutters cleaned!

Naturally, it’s best to avoid a flood by proactively getting a professional to examine your eavestroughs and gutters. Eavestroughs can last for up to two decades. If your home is approaching this age or older and has the original eavestroughs, it’s time for a new eavestrough system. Repairing leaks won’t be very efficient or effective as the eavestroughs will continue to deteriorate.

Professional Eavestrough Installation

At The Exteriors Group, we take the installation of your new eavestrough, fascia, and soffit seriously. Our crews are trained in proper installation methods and treat your home as respectfully as they would treat their own.

Replacing eavestroughs can be particularly messy but we have everything necessary to do a meticulous clean up. You’ll never know we were there, except for how much better the exterior of your home looks. Contact us today to get started!