Roof Repair: Your Calgary
Water Shedding Experts

Roof leaks can strike fear in the hearts of homeowners as they wonder just how much they’re going to have to shell out to get them repaired. Fear not. First, many roof leaks aren’t leaks at all. They’re actually problems with condensation and heat loss that can easily be repaired by ensuring there is enough venting in your soffit system and airflow vents on the rooftop.

Our building envelope experts will come to your home and determine if you do in fact need a roof repair. But in many cases, the problem will be with the breathability of the building envelope.

The push to increase energy efficiency has resulted in homes that can’t breathe well enough to allow moisture to dry out and so we see that moisture dripping into our ceiling and think the roof is leaking. This is an issue unique to Calgary because of our Chinooks. If you’re house isn’t breathing, trapped moisture can turn into frost in the attic. Then a Chinook blows in, turning the frost back into water. The water drips down and it looks like you have a leak. Sometimes a whirlybird vent can help with this issue.

If shingles have been blown off your roof by a recent storm, you should have the roof inspected immediately. Your insurance will pay for the repair but sometimes the cost of the repair is so low it doesn’t make sense to pay the deductible. We will help you make this decision and walk you through the insurance process should you wish to make a claim.

Tip for Cleaning Water Damage

If your ceiling has water damage, you can easily clean it with a mixture of bleach and water. Dab the mixture on the water stain, leave for an hour, and reapply. Do this twice more and the damage should be gone. But remember to call us in to add another roof vent in that area!

If Your Roof Leaks

Finding roof leaks can be tricky as there are so many components to the roof system. For example, the leak may be caused by a problem with the shingles, the flashings, the valleys, or the ice dam.

If there’s a leak, our experienced team will locate it for you and explain your options when it comes to repairing it. We’ll also guide you through the warranty process if necessary. Contact us today.