Kaycan (KWP) Siding &
LP® CanExel® Siding

Kaycan Eco-Side® recycled siding and LP® CanExel® prefinished siding are manufactured wood products. Made from recycled wood, they are eco-friendly, reducing your carbon footprint, and they come in a variety of styles. Kaycan siding and CanExel® siding are great options if you want a low-maintenance solution but the warm, high-end appearance of traditional wood siding.

Benefits of Kaycan Siding and CanExel® Siding

Engineered wood siding is made by using pressure to fuse wood fibre, wax, and resin. It’s very durable and can stand up to Calgary’s weather extremes, including Chinooks.

Unlike materials like cedar, these products don’t require sanding and re-staining every five years. Made from 100% recycled wood, they also retain their colour very well, even in sunny Calgary because they are covered with a heat-cured enamel.

If you’re like us and committed to doing your part to protect the environment, this type of siding is a great choice, and not just because they are made of recycled wood. For example, KWP, the company that manufacturers Kaycan siding, is committed to sustainability and minimizes energy consumption in its plants and distribution centres.

Both of these products are also manufactured in Canada, reducing transportation emissions and allowing you to support fellow Canadians when you make your siding decision.

Kaycan Eco-Side® and KWP trim come with a 50-year warranty on the substrate and a 25-year warranty on the finish, which is great. CanExel® offers a 25-year limited warranty on the substrate and a 15-year limited warranty on the finish.

Siding Colours

Kaycan Eco-Side® comes in a variety of colours. You can choose from their Bold Collection, Rustic Collection—which looks just like wood—Premium Smooth, and bright, colourful, Hampton Shakes siding. Woodbury Staggered shakes are also available to give you the look of authentic cedar shakes.

CanExel® siding comes in classic colours, natural colours, and some exciting, inspirational colours like Midnight Blue, Cedar, and Country Red.

Ready to Explore an Eco-Friendly Option?

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