Quality Exterior
Painting Services

From time to time, exterior painting needs to be done to maintain the aesthetics of your home and to seal the wood or stucco again so it doesn’t decay. At The Exteriors Group, we have one thing to say about exterior painting:

Do it right the first time.

There’s nothing worse than painting your home or deck and having the paint start to flake off after a couple of months or even years. Proper preparation is 70% of a quality exterior painting job. Our crews take the time to tape things off, properly prepare surfaces, and pay attention to every detail of the project to ensure you’re happy with the final appearance.

Your Exterior Painting Professionals

Our team is experienced with painting stucco, wooden siding, wooden trim, vinyl and aluminum siding, brick, exterior doors and windows, porches, decks, and more. We also do custom wood and deck staining and refinishing, including custom wood soffits.

As building envelope experts, we start by taking a good look at your home or deck to make sure there isn’t anything that could point to envelope damage, such as mold or water stains. If there’s a problem we think needs to be taken care of, we’ll let you know. Catching problems at this stage will save you money and hassles down the road.

Our crew will do your exterior painting during the day and our field manager will make regular inspections to ensure the job is being done to our exacting standards. When we’re done, we’ll inspect the project with you to ensure you are happy with it.

Contact us Today

If you’re a stickler for quality and like to ensure your exterior painting project is done right, give us a call today. We’ll come out to discuss your plans and how we can help, provide you with a quote, and answer any questions you may have. We’re committed to making our clients happy and would love the opportunity to make you happy too.