Your Calgary Exterior Renovations Contractors

Your home is your #1 investment. Renovating the exterior allows you to customize its appearance so it truly reflects who you are and what’s important to you. But are you considering the building envelope at every stage?

Do you know what damage could be done and what that could mean in the future?

We do.

We’re building envelope experts who understand that, while it’s great to have a home that looks good, an exterior renovation that leaves the building envelope vulnerable to moisture is a failed project. Not only that, but it could cost you big time over the long run.

Educate Yourself Before You Start your renovation

If you have an exterior renovation project and are looking for someone to do your siding, roof, or deck you want three things: quality, service and value. Doesn’t everyone?

Here’s how to make sure you’re getting all three:

1. Quality materials & installation

Quality materials are available to everyone, and they’re necessary if you want your exterior renovation to last. But there’s something even more important for long-lasting, problem-free home renovations—a quality installation.

A quality installation is more than just slapping up the material. It’s understanding the entire building envelope. You need to know how to install in a way that will ensure the house can properly shed water, preventing leaks and water damage. You also have to know how to install to ensure proper ventilation to prevent condensation and mold.

A quality installation means your home doesn’t just look better today. It means it will look that way, and be free of problems, for many years.

2. Contractor service

How do you know the job’s going to go well? How can your exterior contractors prove they can deliver? That’s a tough one. All we can suggest is do your homework. Ask potential contractors outright how they can prove they’ll get the job done.

How do we prove that we deliver? Well, for years we’ve done home exteriors for some of Calgary’s high-quality homebuilders. Homebuilders do not tolerate delays or poor project management. Their livelihood depends on work getting done to their standards and on time.


3. Home Renovation Value

Of course you want to know how much it’s going to cost. Every job is different and every contractor will have to assess your project and provide a quote.

Remember to balance the cost of the project with other factors rather than simply picking the lowest price. Does the contractor have the knowledge and initiative to identify if your home isn’t breathing properly? Does the contractor seem like a company that will take the time to fix that problem before proceeding?

We keep our costs competitive. We run a lean operation so you’re not paying for high overhead and inefficiencies, and we’re committed to over-delivering. That’s one of the reasons we created this website, with lots of information for homeowners planning to do exterior remodeling. The more you know, the better your project will turn out.

Our Exterior Renovations Services

In any renovation, the work that needs to be done will partly depend on the age of the house. Whether your house was built in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s or even later, your house was built to a certain building code and that will determine which building code applies now. We may have to do some work to bring it up to a newer code and to protect your building envelope. As for the rest of the project, it ’s all up to you!

Once you have an idea of what you want, we can help you select the products and make a plan for getting there. We ’ll oversee all aspects of your exterior remodeling project, with our field manager constantly inspecting our crews ’ work to ensure it meets our exacting standards.

Siding & Trim

Replacing dated siding and trim is the best way to transform the exterior of your home. With the number of siding options out there, it can be a challenge to decide what kind you want. And once you do select a material, you have to then go through the many siding colours, profiles, patterns, etc.

From lower-cost options like vinyl and aluminum to high-end architectural panels, we have the expertise to meet your exact requirements.


As experienced Calgary roofing contractors, we take the time to ensure that all the components for proper water shedding are included. Whether you’re looking for asphalt roofing, rubber roofing, cedar shakes, metal roofing, or just some roof or flashing repairs, our work will prevent leaks that can cause extensive damage to your home.

Eavestroughs, Soffit & Fascia

Eavestroughs, soffit, and fascia installation are often part of an exterior renovation. Whether you have leaky eavestroughs and missing soffit and fascia or want to replace everything with more modern products for a trendier look, we can help. We can create custom soffit and fascia from high-end materials such as cedar, Longboard® or LUX Panel for a truly unique look. We can also repair your existing wood soffit and sand and re-stain it for a fresh new appearance.

Decks & Railings

With the wide range of composite deck and railing products available,  such as aluminum, glass, and wood, the options for creating your deck are almost unlimited so you can get a space you truly love.

Windows & Doors

New windows and doors can make a dramatic change to the look of your home and, with the variety of products on the market today, you can choose windows and doors you love to reflect your personal style, improve your home ’s curb appeal and save energy.

Exterior Painting

There ’s nothing worse than painting your home or deck and having the paint start to flake off after a couple of months or even years. Proper preparation is 70% of a quality exterior painting job. Our crews take the time to tape things off, properly prepare surfaces, and pay attention to every detail of the project to ensure you ’re happy with the final appearance.

Insurance Claims

Having an experienced contractor to guide you through the home insurance claim process can be a huge help. Some contractors even have programs to help you with your deductible.

Exterior Renovations The Way They Should Be Done

Your renovation has to be done properly and there is no room for mistakes. As building envelope experts, we understand how to ensure every aspect of the job contributes to a dry, safe, and beautiful home for you and your family. If you believe your home deserves work of the highest quality and best value, contact us today.