Our Story

At The Exteriors Group, we take our work seriously because we’re dealing with people’s homes. We have systems in place to ensure that every job gets done as effectively and efficiently as possible, and with the utmost care for your home and environment. Unprofessional conduct by any member of our team is not tolerated.

But we also have fun working with homeowners. We enjoy walking them through the process so they end up with a home that makes them happy. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and keeps us loving our work.

The Exteriors Group is a lean operation offering competitive pricing even though we are sticklers for quality. How do we achieve this? We have a highly organized system and use new technologies, hard work and, in some cases, brute force to get jobs done. Our team knows what we expect in terms of quality and professionalism. If we see one exposed nail on a roof, we will lose our minds! We approach every project as if it was our own home.

Every day we challenge ourselves to come up with new solutions that meet our high standards of quality. We’ve been challenged with many of the unique issues relevant to our region. Our chinooks can cause all sorts of problems on homes if they are not built properly, and paying attention to the technicalities of our building envelopes is what makes a difference.

As a result of our commitment to quality and a fair price, we’ve grown quickly and continue to attract the interest of homebuilders and homeowners alike.

Our History

There are many exterior renovation companies in Calgary.  In such a competitive industry, it is unusual to find a company like The Exteriors Group that has set itself completely apart from all the others.

The Exteriors Group was founded in 2014 by a life-long industry professional in exteriors, with a vision of providing the highest degree of professionalism, value, and safety standards in the industry.

Our goal was to build a company of highly skilled professionals who would deliver a variety of exterior solutions to homeowners and builders that was consistent, fair, and transparent.  

It’s been an interesting journey. Our systems and team have evolved to the point where we can deliver quality and value in a way that the competition is rarely able to match. We’re all very proud of what we have built.