Board & Batten Siding

Board and batten siding is not an actual type of siding. It’s a style that can be achieved using many different types of material, from vinyl to wood to aluminum.

History of Board and Batten Siding

While early pioneers built log homes, the sawmill allowed later newcomers to use long wooden boards for the walls of their homes. Sometimes they nailed the boards on vertically to replicate a style frequently used in the European countries they’d been born in. A small strip of wood called a batten was then nailed over the cracks between the boards to make the home airtight and weatherproof.

In those early days, board and batten siding was particularly useful for siding two- and three-storey homes. They would use extra long boards that could reach right from top to bottom, an efficient way of building a home.

Board and Batten Vinyl Siding

As mentioned, board and batten can be achieved with many materials, but the most popular is vinyl. This is because vinyl is economical, comes in an array of colours, requires little maintenance, and lasts a very long time. Using vinyl can allow you to achieve the traditional look of board and batten done in wood at a much more affordable cost and without needing to repaint periodically.

You can also get board and batten vinyl siding without a wood grain if you prefer a smoother appearance. Some people choose to use these types of siding on part of the home to add interest and draw out features while others clad the whole exterior with the board and batten pattern.

Other Board and Batten Materials

Of course, you may still want wood trims and panel. It’s available but will increase the board and batten cost. However, you’ll get the benefits of using wood, including the feel and sight of a natural product every time you look at your home.

You can achieve the look of board and batten with any high-end product, like Hardie trims and panel, vinyl siding, or aluminum siding. With these materials, the strips are wider than vinyl or wood so they give your home a truly unique look. You can use panels, vertical or horizontal, with battens between them. Check out our gallery to see some examples.

If you’re not sure what material to use, spend some time online looking at images of homes done in this timeless style. When you find what you like, we can help you price the material and the installation so you know what the board and batten will cost and can proceed from there.