Cedar Shakes: Calgary’s
Quality Installation Service

At The Exteriors Group, we understand the intricacies involved in installing cedar shakes. These high-end wood shingles give your home a really unique appearance and will last for years but they are very different from a normal, everyday asphalt shingle and need to be installed by experienced people.

Benefits of Cedar Shingles

The biggest benefit of using cedar on the roof is the natural beauty. Cedar weathers to a silvery grey colour that adds character to your home and will last for years. Cedar is also very durable, completely biodegradable when the shingles are removed from the roof, and a great insulator, helping reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Calgary’s climate does not make it the ideal city in which to have a cedar shake roof. Cedar loves moisture and it is quite dry here. Your roof may not last as long as it would on a home in B.C. and/or may require more maintenance. That said, many people have cedar shake roofs here and absolutely love them, so why shouldn’t you?

Before You Get Your Cedar Shake Roof

Cedar shakes come in number ones and number twos. The difference is in the quality of the wood. We recommend number one as they are thicker, which will give a better appearance.

If you’re considering cedar shakes, give us a call. We’ll come out to discuss your needs, answer any questions, and provide you with a quote. You’ll not only get the benefit of having experienced installers but also building envelope experts who will ensure that the integrity of the envelope is considered throughout the installation of the shingles. We look forward to hearing from you!