Calgary Vinyl Siding:
Installation & Repair

Vinyl siding is the most affordable option for cladding the exterior of your home. But not all vinyl siding is as cheap as you might expect. Like anything else, it comes at a range of price points and there are premium products to choose from.

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the number one choice for North American homeowners. This is because of its affordable price, its effectiveness and durability, and the vast range of colours and designs you can get. There are well over 300 colours of vinyl siding and it can give the appearance of shakes, stone, brick, or wood. We’ve even seen vinyl siding that gave the appearance of rounded logs.

Vinyl siding is very low maintenance and can be easily cleaned with water. It’s durable and hail resistant, with most manufacturers offering a lifetime warranty.

If your house isn’t well insulated, going with an insulated vinyl siding can help reduce your heating and cooling costs as well as your carbon footprint, which is an additional bonus.

Few people realize that the manufacturing process used to make vinyl siding uses less energy and creates fewer emissions than the processes used to make most other cladding products. The production process produces almost zero waste and 99% of all manufactured vinyl waste is made into products as opposed to being sent to landfills. It’s a very eco-friendly product and manufacturers are constantly working on reducing its footprint.

Vinyl Siding Installation

When installing vinyl siding, it’s very important to ensure that the building paper and flashing are installed correctly. Both items play key roles in water shedding and are necessary to protect the integrity of the building envelope.

Siding Repair

If a piece of siding is damaged and the rest of the siding is still in good condition, you may just need a fairly simple repair. We can identify the brand and style for you although, due to fading over time, it may be impossible to match the colour perfectly.

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