Your Calgary Roofing Contractors: Roof Replacement

A new roof is usually a necessity but it can also improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. Replacing worn shingles in outdated colours will enhance the overall curb appeal or your home and ensure the building envelope is protected.

Why Choose Us for Your Roof Replacement?

We take building envelope protection seriously. As your roofing contractors, we take the time to ensure that all the components for proper water shedding are included. This includes drip edge and ice and water shield in eaves and valleys.

Drip edge and ice and water shield are not required under the Alberta Building Code; however, we would never recommend forgoing this additional layer of protection. In addition, diverters are extremely important at specific areas to ensure your potential weak spots are protected from water penetration.

Some contractors apply ice and water shield to the entire roof, but we don’t recommend that practice. Ice and water shield is difficult to remove. Typically, the sheeting under it will have to be ripped up when the roof needs to be re-done in the future, which will be more expensive for the homeowner. Ice and water shield is also impermeable, so it could hamper the breathability of your house if it’s on the entire roof.

When we come out to measure your roof so we can prepare a quote for you, we’ll also examine whether your house has adequate venting. If it does not, we will add vents to bring your home up to the current building code when we install the roof. This will help ensure your house can breath so that condensation or mold growth don’t become a costly issue.

Specialty Roofing

At The Exteriors Group, we’ve worked with all types of roofing material, including asphalt shingles, metal, rubber, and cedar. We also install specialty roofing products like Gerard’s coated metal roof system and Unicrete concrete roof tiles. Unicrete is no longer in business but we have access to a large supply of the tiles and can secure the product for you if you prefer the elegant look of this heavyweight, noncombustible roof material.

Get Your Roof Done Right—The First Time

Your roof protects your #1 investment. It has to be done properly and there is no room for mistakes. As building envelope experts, we understand how to ensure every aspect of the job contributes to a dry, safe home for you and your family. If you believe in ensuring the work done on your home is of the highest quality, contact us today.